Road to Hana: Highway Map, Things to Do And Tips

The world-famous road to Hana is one of the must-do experiences when visiting Maui. It can be overwhelming planning what to see on this iconic road trip when you have limited time. So we’ve rounded up all the road to Hana stops that we did on Maui’s epic coastal drive. You don’t have to see everything (unless you have the time) so we are here to help you choose what are the top stops that you must make.

The Road to Hana, aka The Hana Highway, takes you from the surf town of Paia to the peaceful town of Hana. It’s easy to find the best stops on the road to Hana, all you need to do is follow the mile markers. We have included the mile marker for each stop on the Hana Highway in this guide. It is a great addition to any Maui vacation.

the top road to hana stops

The Road To Hana

Most people make a day trip out of the road to Hana drive and begin in Paia in the morning spending the rest of the day working their way out to Hana Town stopping along the way. We instead drove directly out to Hana before sunrise to explore Hana Town and its nearby attractions before making our way back slowly in the afternoon. It was the best decision we made. We avoided the traffic and had many of the top stops on the Road to Hana all to ourselves.

The Hana Highway is one of the most popular day trips on Maui, so it can get very busy fast. We recommend leaving early and driving directly to the Pools at O’he’o Gulch part of Haleakala National Park which is about 30 minutes beyond Hana. Getting there early beats the crowds and you can hike the Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls in relative peace and quiet and then, you can then spend the day slowly making your way back to Paia.

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