The 21 Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

When you visit Amsterdam, it is easy to get captivated by the picturesque canals, former warehouse apartments, and world-class museums. The Dutch capital is one of the major Dutch cities for tourists, and the historic city is a fantastic getaway. Amsterdam is famed for the Anne Frank’s Museum and wonderful hospitality. But what about exploring Amsterdam’s nearby towns, cities, and attractions? What about adding some Amsterdam day trips to your itinerary when visiting Amsterdam?

best day trips from amsterdam

The Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centraal Station is located in the city center near the Royal Palace and Central Square. You can just hop on a direct sprinter train to the day trip destinations with train stations. Alternatively, you could rent a car from one of Amsterdam’s car rental companies. Whether you want day trips from Amsterdam using public transport or plan to rent a car, we’ve prepared a guide to the best day trips from Amsterdam.

1. Zaanse Schans

day trips from amsterdam Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is an extremely popular day trip from Amsterdam. So popular, in fact, that you’ve probably already seen pictures of it before. Zaanse Schans is famed for its windmills and is a historic neighborhood in the town of Zaandam. You’ll find lots of windmills to snap pictures of and discover more about the history of these iconic landmarks on a guided walking tour. The utmost effort has gone into preserving Zaanse Schans, and you’ll even find traditional green-painted wooden houses. Be prepared to step back into the 18th and 19th centuries. Zaanse Schan is essentially an open-air museum, as there’s so much culture and history in such a small space.

The Zaans Museum is the highlight of this day trip, and you’ll find interactive exhibits such as actors in regional costumes, model windmills, and chocolate-making classes. You can even attend workshops to get involved with Dutch handicraft and product making, like wooden clog carving and pewter casting. Zaans Schan is a fantastic place to visit on a day trip from Amsterdam to dive into Dutch history and culture.

How far is Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam?

This small town is one of the most accessible day trips from Amsterdam on public transport. You’ll spend just half an hour traveling directly from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans on the sprinter train. Or drive to Zaanse Schans in twenty minutes.

This day tour comes highly recommended with a half-day trip to Zaanse Schans to see the interior workings of a windmill, and see the painted houses, visit a clog museum and taste Dutch farmer cheese at a cheese farm.

2. Volendam

best day trips from amsterdam Volendam

Volendam is a stunning old fishing village situated on the shores of Lake Markermeer. Volendam is best known as a picturesque town with colorful houses that offer a fascinating glimpse into traditional Dutch living. Visitors enjoy taking self-guided walking tours around the streets, sampling seafood in the harbor, and visiting the town’s quality handful of museums. Volendam is massively popular for its traditional looks, easy accessibility as a day trip from Amsterdam, and delicious food.

Volendam is well-combined with day trips to Edam and Marker (more on those later), and you can easily catch a ferry from Volendam Harbor to the island of Marker. Alternatively, book a boat tour of Lake Markermeer, taking to the water to fully embrace the fishing heritage of this town.

How far is Volendam from Amsterdam?

Volendam is around 40 minutes from Amsterdam using public transport or just over 20 minutes if you rent a car.

This highly rated tour takes you out of the city to see the rural Netherlands. You’ll visit Zaanse Schans and Volendam via boat between the two cities. Stops include seeing how wooden clogs are made, a cheese making demonstration. But the star attractions are teh famous windmills.

3. Haarlem

amsterdam day trips Haarlem, Netherlands

Haarlem is an excellent day trip from Amsterdam and just a quick train ride from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station. Convenient, quaint, and historic, the city makes an ideal candidate for those wanting to take day trips from the capital to expand their knowledge of Holland. Haarlem was once a major trading port with lucrative access to the North Sea. Nowadays, though, its cobblestone streets, medieval old town, and market square have a different, quieter lifestyle, acting as a second city for those who dare to venture just outside of Amsterdam.

Haarlem is one of the most beautiful day tours in this guide. The prettiest area (and the highlight of this day trip) is Grote Market Square, where you’ll find the stunning St Bavo Church, a Gothic masterpiece containing a Muller organ played by Mozart himself. You can tour the old church and sit at one of the square’s coffee shops to soak up the atmosphere and medieval views. Haarlem’s Corrie ten Boom Museum is another must-visit in Haarlem and tells the story of a local heroic family that hid Jews during World War II.

How far is Haarlem from Amsterdam?

Haarlem is just a short trip using public transport, taking ten minutes by train or half an hour by car.

While in Haarlem, make sure to book a boat tour. The 50 minute ride takes you through the historic canals to see Dutch architecture such as the Haarlem Central Station, Jopen Church, Teylers Museum, and Frans Hals Museum.

4. Keukenhof

best amsterdam day trips Keukenhof

Keukenhof is one of the only day trips on our list that is a standalone attraction, not a town, village, or city to visit. Keukenhof is best known as Keukenhof Gardens, and it’s a beautiful 19th-century park that opens seasonally between March and May to show off the prettiest Dutch flowers. Visitors can wander the park at leisure – admiring the flowers and enjoying the fresh air.

Springtime is one of the best times to visit Holland if you want to admire the Dutch countryside. In spring, the country bursts to life with millions of colorful tulips. It is a beautiful season, and Keukenhof Gardens is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam to go tulip spotting. You’ll cross manmade rivers, admire the lake, and admire the tulips with backdrops of traditional windmills. Keukenhof has that picture-perfect Dutch aesthetic, and you could easily spend half a day in the park.

How far is Keukenhof from Amsterdam?

Keukenhof Gardens is easily accessed as a day trip from Amsterdam on a one-hour train ride. You just switch trains at Haarlem to continue to Lisse, where it is a 15-minute walk to the gardens. Alternatively, drive to Keukenhof Gardens in 35 minutes.

No trip to Holland would be complete without seeing Tulips and this Tulips Tour leaves from Amsterdam. Your guide will pick you up early in the morning to avoid the crowds. You can walk or cycle whichever you choose. The tour ends at the Keukenhofdreef, bus station where you can find your bus to get back to Amsterdam

5. Gouda

best day trips amsterdam gouda

Sometimes you just need a cheesy, tourist day trip (no pun intended), especially if you visit Amsterdam with kids. Gouda is precisely that, and it is a touristy day trip from Amsterdam that you will love. This picturesque town is known for its Gouda cheese market, which is held seasonally at regular intervals. Definitely check to see if your visit to Amsterdam coincides with a Gouda cheese market day, and plan a day trip if so. You’ll be able to sample and purchase cheese to your heart’s content and get a glimpse into local culture.

Of course, even if the cheese market isn’t running, there’s still plenty to do in Gouda. You can visit the Goudse Waag, an old cheese-weighing station, which is now home to the Gouda Cheese Museum – a little niche attraction. There’s also the Gouda Cheese Experience and the oldest pancake house in Holland, where you can taste delicious Dutch pancakes. It is easy to see why Gouda is such a popular day trip from Amsterdam, especially amongst foodies.

How far is Gouda from Amsterdam?

Gouda is 50 minutes from Amsterdam by train and an hour by car. However, as it is one of the most popular day trips from Amsterdam, you’ll easily find guided tours that include transfers from Amsterdam.

Book this Cheese museum tour that takes you through the historic De Goudse Waag building dating back to 1668. Your guide will take you on a journey through the history of Gouda its craft, cheese, and flavors.

6. Bourtange

amsterdam day trips Bourtange

Bourtange is stunning. That is the main thing that you need to know. The tiny fortress village is star-shaped, with thick green hedges marking its unique boundaries, creating a distinctive aerial view. Bourtange dates back to the Medieval times in 1580 and is a perfect day trip from Amsterdam to discover more about Medieval history in Holland. You won’t find many places like Bourtange in your lifetime, and its unique layout and history have earned it a firm spot on this list.

The Eighty Years War was a formative part of Dutch history and is when Bourtange was established. Present-day visitors can fully immerse themselves in the war history by attending one of the Eighty Years War reenactments. You can also take a walking tour of the village’s many historical monuments, unpicking the significance behind each one, and walk the fortress walls themselves. And, of course, crossing the Bourtange Fort Bridge is a must to really embrace the village’s fortress past.

How far is Bourtange from Amsterdam?

Bourtange is a little further away, but it is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam, so definitely worth the extra effort. This is one of the day trips you’ll need a car for, as it only takes two and a half hours to drive, rather than nearly five hours on public transport. Renting a car and getting to Bourtange will be a breeze.

7. Giethoorn

popular day trips from amsterdam Giethoorn

Speaking of unique village layouts, Geithoorn is another unusual destination for your list of day trips from Amsterdam. Geithoorn is an almost entirely car-free village and sits on the outskirts of the marshes of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Residents mostly get around by boat, bike, or on foot since Geithoorn is connected by waterways, footpaths, and bike paths. It is a fascinating lifestyle and a popular cultural phenomenon to experience on day tours from Amsterdam. We recommend booking a boat tour to really experience Geithoorn the authentic way.

Once you’ve taken a beautiful boat ride around the village, the Museum Giethoorn t’ Olde Maat Uus should be the next thing on your itinerary. The farm museum is an insight into Giethoorn’s fascinating history and has many interesting, informative exhibits. If you still have time after that, it is worth venturing into Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Giethoorn is easily one of the best day trips from Amsterdam to learn more about waterside, marshland, and canal living.

How far is Giethoorn from Amsterdam?

Giethoorn is two and a half hours from Amsterdam on public transport and an hour and a half when driving. However, there are lots of day tours running to Giethoorn from the capital that include transfers, so you can always choose that option instead.

You can book this day trip from Amsterdam where you’ll travel by bus from Amsterdam to Giethoorn. When you arrive, you’ll take a guided canal tour by electric boat. Most transport in this village is by water, but after your tour, you’ll be able to enjoy the cycling path or a walk through its narrow footpaths that cross more than 180 bridges.

8. The Hague

day tours from amsterdam The Hague

Chances are you’ve heard of The Hague. The Hague is one of the most well-known cities in Holland and easily one of the best day trips from Amsterdam. The city sits on the shores of the North Sea coastline and is one of the only places where you can have a beach day in Holland. If you visit Amsterdam in summer and are wondering which day trips are best for a heatwave, consider The Hague a done deal. You can swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach.

The Hague is also the home of the Dutch government, with Bennenhof acting as the seat of parliament and Noordeinde Palace as the king’s workplace. Even the United Nations International Court of Justice sits in The Hague, challenging nationwide crimes and upholding morality at the Peace Palace and International Criminal Court. The Hague is a fascinating day trip from Amsterdam if you are interested in current affairs or politics. Hague’s wonderful beaches and huge status on the international political scene have earned it a well-deserved spot in our guide.

How far is the Hague from Amsterdam?

The Hague is an hour from Amsterdam by car or direct train from Amsterdam Central Station.

This popular day trip is likely to sell out as you will see the best of Holland in a day. Leaving from Amsterdam, the tour includes stops at Rotterdam, Delft and a tour of The Hague. You’ll enjoy a 1 hour river cruise and a stop at a food market. Relax with lunch in Delft before moving onto The Hague to see the Houses of parliament, the King’s working palac and the Peace palace.

9. Rotterdam

cities to visit from amsterdam in a day rotterdam
City of Rotterdam downtown skyline at dusk in South Holland, Netherlands, Erasmus Bridge on the left.

Rotterdam is another big name in Holland. The beautiful city is a little more glitz and glam than traditional Amsterdam and The Hague. It has a big city culture that is much more modern than its neighboring cities. Rotterdam is easily one of the best day trips from Amsterdam, especially if you want a day trip full of museums and modern architecture.

Rotterdam has one of the top five biggest harbors in the world and is an established port city. In fact, Rotterdam’s international port is the biggest in Europe. It is very much an urban metropolis, and since it was heavily damaged during World War II, most of the architecture was recently built. Of this new architecture are the famous cube houses. The cube houses are so bizarre that they almost appear to be optical illusions and are the brilliant project of the architect Piet Blom. You can buy tickets for just a few dollars, making visiting them a budget-friendly activity in Rotterdam. Don’t forget to learn about the city’s maritime history too at the Maritime Museum – an essential part of Rotterdam’s history considering its age-old port city status.

How far is Rotterdam from Amsterdam?

Rotterdam is just over an hour from Amsterdam by train and an hour if you wish to drive instead.

You can also book this Rotterdam day trip that includes Rotterdam and the villages of Marken, Volendam and Zaanse Schans. See the best of our Amsterdam day trips on one tour. It’s a long day at 10 hours, but you’ll see alot including the picturesque windmills, traditional houses, a clog factory and Dutch cheeses.

10. Groningen

fun day trips from amsterdam Groningen

Groningen’s best qualities are its student atmosphere and Gothic architecture. Visitors can expect a fresh, youthful vibe and beautiful historical streets and landmarks to admire. Of course, the city is also divided by waterways. It has plenty of striking urban views – such as colorful houses squashed against each other like condensed rainbows in front of pretty bodies of water. Groningen is where to visit on a day trip from Amsterdam if you want a taste of laidback, local Dutch city living. While not a major tourist destination, Groningen does cater effortlessly to tourists with its great atmosphere and an assortment of activities and attractions.

We recommend visiting Grote Market Square, where you’ll find plenty of dining opportunities and the old church and Martinitoren clock tower. True to its university culture, there’s also the University Museum just around the corner, featuring science exhibits and plenty of medical specimens and anatomical models.

How far is Groningen from Amsterdam?

This university city is two and a half hours from Amsterdam by train or two hours by car.

11. Marken

amsterdam day tours mareken

Remember Marken? Marken is the day trip we mentioned and is easily combined with a visit to Volendam. Marken is an exciting day trip from Amsterdam, and the island has that picture-perfect landscape with wooden houses. The island is connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, meaning you can drive to reach it. However, many decide to visit by boat from one of the nearby mainland villages and towns like Volendam. Either way, visiting Marken is straightforward, and the tiny village on the island is one of the most beautiful places to visit from Amsterdam.

The traditional houses are dotted all over Marken. You can appreciate the architecture on a guided walking tour or get lost alone. Walking around Marken is a highlight of the day trip, as there is so much culture and tradition to take in. And for a bit of structured historical immersion, you can always visit the Stoom Klopenmakerij Marken Museum, which has exhibits and workshops on the art of clog-making.

How far is Marken from Amsterdam?

Marken is an hour away from Amsterdam on public transport and half an hour by car. Allow a little longer if you want to detour to Volendam and visit Marken by boat ride.

You can also book this day tour from Amsterdam to explore the Dutch countryside. This half-day private tour takes you to Zaanse Schans’ iconic windmills, the charming fishing village of Volendam, and then ends at Marken Haven to see its houses built on stilts.

12. Oudewater

day tours from amsterdam oudewater

Oudewater even sounds Medieval, and the small city has a complex history of witchcraft with plenty of magical stories to tell. The highlight of a day trip to Oudewater is visiting the Witches Weigh House. This giant scale was used around the 16th century to decide whether a woman was a witch based on her weight. There is an outlandish absurdity to the Witches Weigh House, and it provides a fascinating if harrowing, insight into the reality of the European witch trials.

When you’ve visited the weigh house, the Waag Museum, Town Museum Oudewater, and St Michael’s Church are amazing attractions. Make sure to allow some time to wander the streets of Oudewater, too, since it has lots of that traditional Dutch aesthetic and examples of beautiful architecture.

How far is Oudewater from Amsterdam?

Oudewater is an hour and 40 minutes from Amsterdam via public transport or 50 minutes by car – the choice is yours.

This unique private day tour covers Gouda, Witches and Cheese. Take the 1 hour journey from Amsterdam to begin a walking tour of Gouda and its famous cheese making history and architecture including De Waag (cheese weighing house) Sint Jan Church and the Town hall. After you’ll enjoy a tour of the 15th century town of Oudewater and the longest church in Europe.

13. Dusseldorf

Top German Cities Dusseldorf

Got a couple of days on your hands? Dusseldorf is an excellent weekend getaway. Crossing over the German border is a piece of cake. The German city of Dusseldorf is known for its fashion scene, arts, and commercialism. You can visit the Kunst im Tunnel or K20 for contemporary art or go shopping for the latest trends. For a real big city experience, there are attractions like the Harry Potter Studio Tour as well. Of course, there’s also Alstadt, the old town for anyone wanting a more historical experience of Germany.

If you drive to Dusseldorf through the Dutch countryside, you can break up the journey by stopping in one of the national parks along the way. Veluwezoom National Park is a great choice. A trip to Dusseldorf is one of the best options for those wanting a bit of a road trip and a more challenging alternative than an easy twenty-minute train ride.

How far is Dusseldorf from Amsterdam?

Dusseldorf is just under three hours away from Amsterdam by public transport and two and a half by car.

14. Bruges

cities to visit from amsterdam bruges

Amsterdam might be one of the best European capital cities to visit. But why not maximize your trip by adding a day trip to Holland’s neighboring country, Belgium? Bruges isn’t somewhere you’ll be able to visit in half a day from Amsterdam, but with a bit of extra time, the ‘Venice of the North’ has a lot to offer.

Bruges is famed for its lace-making and is quickly distinguishable by its canals and Medieval infrastructure. You can hop between its churches and landmarks like the Belfry of Bruges. The Bruges City Hall is also worth visiting for its art and regional history. You can read our detailed guide on things to do in Bruges here.

How far is Bruges from Amsterdam?

Bruges is nearly four hours from Amsterdam on public transport and just under three by car. It is a perfect weekend trip from Amsterdam or a day trip if you feel comfortable driving. It ideally has multiple drivers to rotate between.

This Bruges Day trip from Amsterdam takes you on a round trip journey between the cities. When you arrive in Bruges, you’ll enjoy a walking tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and its old town that includes a chocolate tasting. You’ll then have free time to explore on your own.

15. Edam

day trips from amsterdam edam

Another Dutch town famous for its namesake cheese, Edam is a brilliant day trip from Amsterdam. Edam has its own cheese market, where farmers once took the cheese to sell on little boats and cheese sleds. Now, the operations are much more modernized. However, it is still a great idea to time your visit to Edam with a cheese market for the ultimate cultural insight. Plus, there are traditional reenactments for tourists that you can watch.

If there isn’t a market during your visit, do not worry. You can still visit the Fort Near Edam Museum, an old military fortress surrounded by a moat, and the Edam Museum for an insight into the region’s history. And there are always Edam cheese shops open around the town – immediately noticeable thanks to the piles and piles of yellow-orange cheese in their huge glass windows. Edam makes a tasty and convenient day trip from Amsterdam.

How far is Edam from Amsterdam?

Edam is 50 minutes from Amsterdam by public transport and 25 minutes by car.

Another popular day trip takes you to explore several of the top day trips from Amsterdam. Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam, and Marken. You’ll see the beautiful windmills, cheese makers, clog factories and the best of the Holland countryside.

16. Antwerp

antwerp is another amsterdam day tour

Antwerp is a Belgian port city located just over the Dutch border. The city dates back to the Middle Ages and has an illustrious trading history, given its location. Today, you can explore the remnants of that trading history in the Diamond District. The Diamond District is where you’ll find the city’s diamond business in full flow. The district attracts everyone, from diamond traders, cutters, collectors, polishers, and those just venturing around to take a peek at all the action and sparkles. Gemstone fan or not, it is an exciting place to visit.

If you are adventurous and want to see as much of Europe as possible, Antwerp is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam. Besides its Diamond District, there’s also an atmospheric old town around Grote Markt square. It is a beautiful, cultured place to experience a bit of Belgium on a detour from Amsterdam.

How far is Antwerp from Amsterdam?

Antwerp is around two hours from Amsterdam, whether you drive or take public transport.

17. Nijmegen

day trips from amsterdam Nijmegen

Nijmegen is where to visit on a day trip from Amsterdam if you are interested in World War II history. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands. It is located right on the German border – meaning it experienced a lot during World War II and the German invasion. The fortified city has experienced many invasions, Hitler’s being one of them. The city was a crucial part of Operation Market Garden. US troops liberated it from German rule in 1944 when its two bridges were finally captured. You can find out more at the Infocentre WW2.

Wijchen Castle is another fantastic historical hot spot in Nijmegen. Of course, the city is not all just history. Nijmegen is a university city with a vibrant, youthful culture and fun nightlife, so you’ll be well-entertained all around.

How far is Nijmegen from Amsterdam?

This Dutch city is an hour and twenty minutes from Amsterdam via public transport and an hour and a half via car.

This tour lets you decide which one of the best cities in Europe can be done on a day trip from Amsterdam. Take a private custom tour to Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels or Ghent. It’s a full day of sightseeing that includes chocolate tasting, shopping, a stop at Delta Works, the largest flood protection system in the world and the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bruges.

18. Arnhem

arnhem day tours from amsterdam

Arnhem is a great day trip from Amsterdam. It is best known for the Netherlands Open Air Museum (Nederlands Openluchtmuseum), a place to enjoy light-hearted immersive history. Its guides escort visitors in full costume around the area. The museum is full of traditional buildings, including windmills and houses. In true immersive spirit, there are even vintage transportation exhibits around the grounds – like an old tram carriage.

When you’ve finished enjoying the Netherlands Open Air Museum, you can unwind with work in one of Arnhem’s many parks. Otherwise, head back to the city center to admire the many historical monuments and indulge in shopping. Arnhem is a well-rounded day out, with modern amenities like high street shops and sightseeing-style entertainment with the Open Air Museum.

How far is Arnhem from Amsterdam?

Arnhem is an hour and 45 minutes from Amsterdam on public transport or just over an hour by car.

Hop on the train from Amsterdam and join this Mural Street Art walking tour of Arnhem. Your guide will show the different murals in the city center. Plus, you’ll enjoy a Dutch treat along the route.

19. Kinderdijk

best day trips from amsterdam

Kinderdijk is another favorite windmill hotspot and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is easily one of the best day trips from Amsterdam, and the village is covered in 18th-century windmills to admire. As a low-lying area, Kinderdijk is always surrounded by water and waterways filled to the brim. It is a classic Dutch wetland environment, with the added bonus of iconic architectural landmarks.

The village has nineteen windmills in total, but Museummolen Nederwaard is a must-visit. The inside of this windmill is transformed into a museum. It has all the old living quarters maintained in their original state as an immersive history experience. The village also houses a working mill. Kinderdijk is one of the best day trips for concentrated windmill sightseeing, and the museum is the trip’s highlight.

How far is Kinderdijk from Amsterdam?

Kinderdijk is two hours from Amsterdam by public transport and just over an hour when traveling by car.

This full day tour from Amsterdam combines UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kinderdijk and The Hague. You can choose to see the miniatures of Dutch heritage at Madurodam, the famous prints of M.C. Escher or visit Mauritshuis to see the Golden Age of Dutch paintings. Between cities you’ll travel by luxury minivan.

20. Delft

amsterdam day tours delft

Delft is the perfect day trip from Amsterdam for an insight into traditional Dutch handicrafts. Have you heard of Delftware before? If not, Delftware is that high-quality, hand-painted pottery that comes in white and blue. Delft is covered in pottery shops. You can stop by for souvenirs or participate in pottery painting workshops for a more immersive experience. Meanwhile, the Royal Delft is a 17th-century Delftware factory that still operates at full speed today and where you can embark on guided tours to experience production behind the scenes. And, for a bit of art history, stop by the Vermeer Centrum Delft, a museum dedicated to the artist Johannes Vermeer.

Delft is clearly an artisan hotspot. However, you’ll find a wonderful old town as well. Head to the 13th-century Old Church (Oude Kerk) and explore its surrounding historic neighborhood. The church isn’t too far from the Museum Prinsenhof Delft either – a museum dedicated to the history of William of Orange and the Dutch Republic. In short, Delft is a popular day trip for anyone interested in history, art, and handicrafts. Located south of The Hague, it is also an ideal addition to a weekend on the Dutch coast.

How far is Delft from Amsterdam?

Delft is just an hour away from Amsterdam on public transport and by car. Add it to your list of easy day trips from Amsterdam.

See Delft, Rotterdam, and The Hague on this full day tour. See three Dutch cities in one day. You’ll watch how the famous blue and white Delft pottery is made, admire the architecture of Rotterdam by boat and explore the miniature park of Madurodam. Plus, you see the seat of Holland’s government buildings.

21. Utrecht

day tours from amsterdam utrecht

Utrecht is a large city best known for its ‘Old Town’ center, which dates back to the Medieval period. You’ll find plenty of Medieval and Gothic architecture, Christian monuments, and religious attractions. One of them is the Museum Catharijneconvent, a former monastery that now displays religious artifacts. Utrecht is connected by a canal network, so you can take the scenic route around the city and explore by boat rather than by car or on foot.

Utrecht is an interesting, thought-provoking day trip from Amsterdam from a religious and historical perspective. It is ideally suited to those interested in religion and history and looking for a day trip close to Amsterdam to minimize travel time. Definitely prioritize a trip to the Gothic Cathedral of St Martin on the spectacular Domplein Square. And if you have some extra time, venture out to visit Castle De Haar on the city outskirts. The 19th-century castle is designed in a romantic, Medieval style and is quite the sight to behold.

How far is Utrecht from Amsterdam?

Utrecht is just half an hour from Amsterdam by train and is an easy day trip by public transport. If you want to drive, allow around 50 minutes to drive to Utrecht.

To Conclude

Faralda Crane Hotel in Amsterdam Noord

With Amsterdam Centraal Station so centrally located in Amsterdam City Center, embarking on a day trip from Amsterdam has never been easier. Plus, you’ll find hundreds of guided tours to book in the tourist shops along Damrak, the main road leading to the train station. We hope you’ve found a few exciting ideas that suit you and your interests.

Visiting Amsterdam offers much more than just famous canals. The Dutch capital is the perfect base to explore the Dutch countryside, culture, and history. Have a fantastic time in Amsterdam and your day trip or day trips of choice.

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